10 Workout Motivation Tips For Your Dream Body!

10 Workout Motivation Tips For Your Dream Body Wanderlust To Go

Hey My Dears! Today, I have 10 workout motivation tips for you.

Who doesn’t know the situation: It’s New Year, you want to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions and you rush into subscribing for the Gym – just to find out you don’t really feel like sticking to your routine? “I don’t feel like going…”, “I’ll skip today, I’ll do my workout tomorrow”, “I’m too stressed to work out right now…” etc. If you are honest with yourself, you just lack motivation for your workout!

Enough of those lame excuses! Today I have 10 workout motivation tips that will fight your inner temptation, help you to stay on track and reach your fitness goal.

I’m going to the gym three times a week since Good Friday 2017. I do two sessions of weight training and one session cardio – mostly treadmill – per week. And If I can do that (besides work and university), I’m a 100 per cent sure that YOU can do the same!

1. Find a Training Partner that is motivated and motivates you, too!

Everyone is struggling with motivation sometimes – and nothing helps better than a partner who sweeps you along with his fitness-enthusiasm when you don’t feel like working out. For me, Mr. T. is my perfect partner – he came up with the idea of subscribing for a gym membership and work out regularly. And it’s so much more fun when the two of us can jog on our treadmills into the imaginary sunset and cheer for each other while lifting weights.

2. Find a Gym where You Feel Comfortable

A gym that feels like a second home to you significantly reduces the inhibition to working out. That is why it’s so important to feel comfortable in your gym – in terms of staff, infrastructure as well as the other people training there.

3. Plan Your Gym-Sessions Like Other Important Appointments

Think about on what days you would want to go to the gym and schedule them in your calendar, as if it was a business meeting or a doctor’s appointment. This way, you are blocking time ahead that is just for you and your workout routine. This makes it less likely to skip your gym sessions. If – for whatever reason- can’t stick to the schedule, re-schedule your gym session immediately, so that you stay on track.

4. Consider your workout as “self-care”!

Regular workout should not feel like a punishment for “sinful eating” or too little exercise the week before. Rather you should think of it as an investment in your well-being and your physical and mental health. Your gym-time is time that neither your boss, nor the university, nor anyone else decides about. Time that you invest exclusively in yourself. If you change your attitude towards your workout-routine, the motivation for training will remain high.

5. Treat Yourself With a Little Reward After Each Successfully Completed Workout To Boost Your Workout Motivation

Just to make sure I’m not misunderstood here: by saying “a little reward”, I don’t mean a family pizza with double cheese, but something that rewards your performance without directly ruining your calorie balance. How about using your favorite body lotion after your workout? Or treat yourself to a episode of your favorite TV show? A massage? A facial mask? A visit to the spa? Treat yourself with anything you like to celebrate every step towards a healthier and fitter you. This means doubling your motivation for any upcoming workout.

6. Weight is not everything!

Of course, working out is just a means for dropping some pounds for many. But the number on your scale should not be everything for you and your training routine, as muscles are heavier than fat. The best thing to really see your progress is using a scale that also measures your body fat. By using such a scale, you can determine whether an increase of weight means that you really put on some weight in terms of fat, or if you just gained some more muscles. For myself, I’m using the smart scale “Aria” from FitBit. It measures weight and fat and transfers the data directly into your FitBit User-Account, where it creates easy-to-understand statistics with graphs for your weight, the percental body fat and your BMI. Seeing those lines going down is such a motivation-booster!

As an addition or alternative to that, you can measure yourself regularly and compare the results. Or you could take photos of yourself (preferably in a bikini or underwear), and thus compare the changes of your silhouette even easier.

7. Set Milestones

Of course losing 10, 15 or even 20 kilos would be great – but it’s a long way to go and you will face many dry spells, where you just lack motivation for your workout routine, or where the numbers on the scale seem to remain the same despite your efforts. So it is easier to keep your motivation high when you can tick of one milestone after the other in a shorter time, than working towards a huge goal that might take a year or more to achieve.

Whether the milestones are related to absolute numbers (lose 5kg, lose 3 per cent of body fat, not skip any training until a certain date….) is not important – the importance lies in the ability to tick off one milestone at a time on your fitness journey, so your workout motivation remains high.

I defined my first milestone as follows: “If I don’t skip any workout session until our vacation in Croatia, I’m going to buy myself a new bikini”. And I stayed on track – and I never felt better wearing a bikini than on that vacation. Partly because I literally worked my ass of to get the new bikini, and partly because my body already showed some results of my workout routine.

8. Treat Yourself To Great Fitness Outfits!

As everywhere in life, you should dress so that you feel comfortable in the gym. Bright colors and strong slogans motivate you to defeat your weaker self! And if you look good in your workout clothes already, imagine how you will look after working out for a few weeks more, when you get to the beach…. 🙂

9. Listen To Your Favorite Songs To Boost Your Workout Motivation

Music can significantly influence our mood – I use this effect in every workout by creating new workout playlists and listening to them during the workout. This makes time in the gym fly by and sometimes even feels like a private party. Why don’t you give it a try?! =)

10. Vary Your Workouts

If you watched the same movie every night, you would probably get bored relatively quickly. This is exactly how your body feels if it has to do the same workouts all the time. By combining strength training twice a week with a weekly cardio evening, the body already has a little variety during the week. Nevertheless, it is important to change the strength training again and again (in our case every 6-8 weeks). The best thing to do is to consult your trainer about how and in what regularity you should change your training plans.

So, these were my 10 tips for more workout motivation. Do you have an additional tip to fight the weak self?
Let me know in the comments – I am curious!

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